Martin Scorsese Signs Multi-Year Film & TV Deal With Apple

Martin Scorsese Signs Multi-Year Film & TV Deal With Apple

According to Deadline, award-winning veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese has officially signed a first-look and multi-year deal with Apple to develop films and television shows exclusively for Apple TV+. Scorsese through his Sikelia Productions banner is set to produce and direct the projects. This new partnership comes after Apple acquired the distribution rights to the 77-year-old filmmaker’s forthcoming film adaptation of Killers of the Flowers Moon with the company also expected to finance the $200 million film.

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Scorcese is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated filmmakers of all time and has become an inspiration to all aspiring directors. He has directed a lot of iconic films such as 1976’s Taxi Driver, 1982’s The King of Comedy, 1990’s Goodfellas, 2010’s Shutter Island, 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, and last year’s The Irishman.

Scorcese’s frequent collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio had also recently signed a first-look deal with Apple through his Appian Way banner to develop TV and film documentaries. DiCaprio will also be reuniting with the acclaimed director in Killers of the Flowers Moon which is reportedly set to start its filming in 2021.

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