Tron 3 Title May Have Been Leaked by Jared Leto

Tron 3: Jared Leto might have revealed the project’s title

Following the news of director Garth Davis signing on to helm Tron 3, Academy Award-winner Jared Leto took to Twitter to confirm the project by excitedly revealing that he is indeed set to star in the long-in development third installment to Disney’s iconic sci-fi franchise. The 48-year-old actor has been attached to the project since 2017. Interestingly, according to Collider, his current tweet wasn’t actually the first one he posted. In a now deleted post, it seems like Leto had accidentally leaked the potential title for Tron 3: “TRON: ARES.”

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Since the theatrical release of Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy in 2010, Disney has been trying their best to develop the third installment to the iconic sci-fi franchise. However, the studio had been having no luck at their attempts these past few years as they’ve found it difficult to search for the right script and story for the project.

Plot details are still being kept under wraps for the third project but this news is very much in line with what Disney music executive Mitchell Leib have previously said about the future of the Tron franchise in a recent interview. Speaking on Light the Fuse podcast, Leib has also confirmed development on TRON 3 is still moving forward by revealing that the studio has already found a script they really like for the long-awaited project. In addition, he also revealed that he has been having discussion with Grammy-winning electronic duo Daft Punk about possibly returning to score the new film.

“Now with Disney+, I think there’s opportunities to be creating content that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to create, you know because we’re in the movie business,” Leib explained. “We’re in the big movie business, and unless it’s a big movie idea we don’t make small movies. We’re only after basically billion dollar box office hits. On the one hand, that’s great. On the other hand, that’s a very narrow sleeve to operate in, and Disney+ I think is going to afford us the opportunity to expand and get much more diversified in the kind of content we can create. And Daft Punk has a bit of a television and movie development company, and all kinds of things they’re into, businesses they’re into. So I had lunch with Paul Hahn to further a bit of a starting conversation that we’re looking at making a sequel to Tron now, we’re looking at Tron 3. And we’ve got a great script, I mean a really phenomenal script that we’re very excited about. Whereas the timing wasn’t right to have done it years ago, I think we feel like the timing is right now, and I feel like we’ve learned a lot of lessons from that last movie.”

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The 1982 original film centered on Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who finds himself transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer where he interacts with its programs in an effort to escape with the help of the titular security program played by Bruce Boxleitner. The original TRON underperformed at the box office, but it nonetheless managed to find an important place in pop culture over the next few decades.

Nearly 30 years after Disney brought the virtual world back to life with the Joseph Kosinski-helmed sequel Tron: Legacy which featured the return of Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn after 28 years since the first film. It also starred Garett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, James Frain, Beau Garrett and Michael Sheen. Despite earning mix reviews from critics, the film still went on to gross around $400 million at the worldwide box office and had also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Editing.


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