Cherry: Joe Russo Says Tom Holland-Led Film is Almost Done With Post-Production

Cherry: Joe Russo Says Tom Holland-Led Film is Almost Done With Post-Production

In a recent interview with Comic Book, the Russo Brothers gave another update on the current status of their upcoming crime drama film Cherry, revealing that they’re in the final steps of post-production for the Tom Holland-led film. Because of this, they’ve also teased that viewers should expect to see the first trailer in the “very near future.”

“We’re in the scoring phase right now, so we’re finishing our sound mix in about a month. A score will be done, I think in about two weeks,” Joe Russo said. “So we’re getting depth, we’re getting close to the point where the movie will be completed. We’re just weeks away.”

In addition, the Avengers: Endgame directing duo also addressed the movie’s release which was previously scheduled to debut sometime this year. “It’s complicated time right now to figure out what the release for it looks like and when we want that release to happen.”

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Cherry tells the true-life story of author Nico Walker, a former Army medic who returned from Iraq with extreme un-diagnosed PTSD and fell into opioid addiction and began robbing banks. Walker was caught in 2011 and is scheduled to be released in 2020. The novel has been branded as a sort of hybrid of Jesus’ Son and Reservoir Dogs; a story about love, war, bank robberies, and heroin. You can get your own copy of the new release by clicking here! Walker previously handled the bidding war for his book while serving time in prison, which complicated matters since he was only allotted a specific amount of minutes per phone call.

“We were drawn to Cherry given our personal experience from Cleveland, as well as the important need to share stories like these. As Cleveland natives ourselves, it means a lot to us to be able to film in our hometown. We shot the exteriors for ‘Winter Soldier’ here, we are excited to return home to our roots,” the Russos said in a previous statement.

Additional cast includes Ciara Bravo (Wayne), Bill Skarsgard (IT), Jack Reynor (Midsommar), Forrest Goodluck (The Revenant), Jeff Wahlberg (Dora and the Lost City of Gold), Michael Gandolfini (The Deuce), and Kyle Harvey (The After Party).

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Cherry was adapted by Jessica Goldberg (The Path) and co-written by Angela Otstot (The Shield). The movie is produced by the Russo Brothers, Chris Castaldi and studio president Mike Larocca under their AGBO Films banner, alongside CEO Jonathan Grey and President Matthew Rhodes under their The Hideaway Entertainment banner. Cherry will be executive produced by Todd Makurath and Jake Aust from AGBO and The Hideaway Entertainment’s Kristy Maurer Grisham and Judd Payne.


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