Michael Keaton in Talks for The Flash Movie as Batman

Michael Keaton in Talks for The Flash Movie as Batman!

The DC Extended Universe solo Flash film has been in the works for nearly five years now and has seen a number of writers and directors come and go and with the film on track with Andy Muschietti behind the camera, The Wrap has brought word that the film will feature a major component in the form of Michael Keaton returning as Batman!

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Sources report that the 68-year-old performer is currently in talks with Warner Bros. to reprise his star-making role for the long-awaited project focused on the red speedster in an effort to introduce audiences to the concept of the multiverse, while noting that negotiations are in “the very early stages.” The multiverse is a concept that has underlined most of the DC Comics, with The CW’s Arrowverse using the idea for connecting Supergirl to its other series and helping with the annual crossover events, most notably last year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. The network also utilized this event to connect the small screen world with the big screen as Ezra Miller’s Flash met up with Grant Gustin’s and confirmed the existence of Justice League and Wonder Woman.

It’s currently unknown how the script is looking to toy with the idea of the multiverse, especially in future DCEU films, but sources are confirming that should Keaton return to the role 30 years after we last saw him in it, it will not affect Matt Reeves’ highly-anticipated The Batman and that the studio is still considering Robert Pattinson as the future of the Dark Knight franchise. Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter adds that if talks go through, Keaton could end up playing Batman in multiple movies “in a mentor capacity” similar to Nick Fury in the MCU, with Batgirl being one of the possible projects.

Keaton first took on the cowl in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, which proved a critical and commercial hit and helped pave the way for the comic book genre’s future box office domination. and his performance has largely been considered one of the best iterations of the character, despite initial hesitation from fans. He would return to the role in 1992’s Batman Returns with Burton directing, and after the financial success and continued positive reviews, the studio began development on a third installment, though quit after Burton was pushed out and replaced with Joel Schumacher, who would go on to direct Val Kilmer in Batman Forever and George Clooney in Batman & Robin.

Should Keaton’s deal be finalized and the filmmakers go through with the multiverse concept, the plan is to have The Flash act as a direct sequel to Batman Returns and borrow from the acclaimed 2011 crossover storyline “Flashpoint,” exploring what his version of Batman has been up to in the years since.

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Warner Bros. first revealed that their Flash film would be inspired by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s Flashpoint comic as early as 2017. The studio even went so far as to change the movie’s title to Flashpoint. But following last month’s announcement of the film’s 2022 release date, it doesn’t sound like this is still the case.

It’s probably for the best that the filmmakers are going to make changes to Johns and Kubert’s original Flashpoint arc. After all, the story has already been brought to life in animated form and in the Arrowverse. In 2013, Warner Home Video released Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. A few years later, The CW’s The Flash aired its own version of the story during the show’s third season. With this, it makes sense that Warner Bros.’ film division would want to make something that stands out from prior adaptations. Plus, the timeline tampering could also be used a means of fixing continuity issues within the DCEU.

The Flash is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 1, 2022.

What are you hoping to see from the movie’s interpretation of the Flashpoint story? Let us know in the comment section below!

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