Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Could Drop This Thursday


Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Could Drop This Thursday

According to ComicBook Movies, the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s anticipated Tenet might hit sometime on Thursday. The news comes after a number of users decoded a message on Twitter featuring the film’s logo spinning. Apparently, the logo would stop or switch at certain points which led to the conclusion that 12/19/19 would be the big day. You can check out the posts below, including one that deciphers the puzzle.

Of course, this could all be a lead up to the previously mentioned prologue that might be attached to screenings of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Or, maybe Nolan just likes screwing with us. In any event, it’s still fun!

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Tenet will be an international espionage thriller filmed across seven countries. John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) stars, with a supporting cast that includes Robert Pattinson (Good Time), Elizabeth Debicki (Widows), Dimple Kapadia (Fugly), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises) and Kenneth Branagh (Dunkirk).

The film, which is written by Nolan and will utilize a mixture of IMAX and 70mm film, which is something he’s become famous for. Nolan will produce Tenet along with his partner Emma Thomas with production currently underway. The movie is set to hit theaters on July 17, 2020.

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The director first made an impact in 2001 with his indie film Memento. His next film, Insomnia, was also a modest hit. but it wasn’t until Batman Begins hit theaters in 2005 that Nolan became a box office force in his own right. The Prestige was Nolan’s last movie to gross under $200 million worldwide. His other films include The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk.