Is Joe Cornish Up to Direct Star Trek 3?


Possibly one of the more interesting developments of last year happened when Star Trek director J.J. Abrams was announced as the director of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, leaving a vacancy in the director’s chair for Paramount Pictures’ planned sequel to his summer hit Star Trek Into Darkness.

Now Deadline has heard from their sources that Paramount and Skydance Productions are interested in getting Joe Cornish, the writer and director of the 2011 cult hit Attack the Block and frequent collaborator of Edgar Wright (who shot a single scene in “Into Darkness”), to direct the third installment of their “Star Trek” reboot.

Besides Attack the Block, Cornish has been a frequent writing partner with Edgar Wright, having co-written the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Ant-Man with the popular director.

There’s been word that Paramount want to start filming Star Trek 3 sometime in 2014 with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci having returned from the previous two movies to write the three-quel.

Deadline is claiming that it’s “early days” on this deal and a lot can happen between now and Paramount’s final decision, but let us know below what you think of Cornish as a possible choice.

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