Keanu Reeves Describes Matrix 4 Script As ‘Very Ambitious’


Keanu Reeves Describes Matrix 4 Script As 'Very Ambitious'

Keanu Reeves describes Matrix 4 script as ‘Very ambitious’

Following the announcement that a Matrix 4 is currently in the works at Warner Bros. Pictures, fans of the blockbuster franchise were surprised and thrilled, especiallysince Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have signed on to reprise their iconic roles as Neo and Trinity. Speaking with ET, Reeves expressed his excitement for Matrix 4, revealing that he has already read the upcoming film’s script and described it as “very ambitious…as it should be!”

Production on the film is scheduled to begin in early 2020, Lana Wachowski co-wrote the script with Aleksander Hemon and David Mitchell, and will direct the film as well. It was also reported that Academy-Award winning cinematographer John Toll (Legends of the FallBraveheart) is in negotiations to shoot the highly-anticipated sequel. Should the deal push through, Toll will be succeeding Bill Pope, who was the cinematographer for The Matrix trilogy.

Plot details on the fourth live-action film in The Matrix franchise haven’t been revealed, and given the ending of 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions it’s not a clear cut answer.

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Earlier this year we asked our readers if they were interested in more movies in the series, with 69% of those voting saying “Yes!” In a secondary poll, 58% said they wanted to see a continuation of the series. Looks like they’ll be getting what they wanted!

The three previous films—The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003)—have earned more than $1.6 billion at the global box office and were all top-10 domestic hits in their respective years of release. The Matrix Revolutions was also the first film ever to release simultaneously in every major country at the same hour around the world.