10 of the Worst Star Wars Rip-Offs

Disney, and in turn, Star Wars, rules the world. ComingSoon.net is taking a look at some films that tried to replicate the franchise’s initial success…with mixed results. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

It’s hard to come up with a GOOD original idea. Obviously George Lucas’ Star Wars changed the game in 77′ by doing just that. After it blew up, a lot of filmmakers recognized his success story; an “out there” script turning into this giant franchise. Mark Hammil has described his original impression of the film’s premise as wacky.

Sometimes risks like the one Lucas made pay off, other times risks do not pay off—like trying to ride the coattails of an already successful idea (not to say Hollywood doesn’t do this a lot). Again, we must stress the arduous nature of originality… Here are the worst Star Wars ripoffs ever.


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