Preger Entertainment to Adapt Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire


With the The Vampire Academy project set for a world-wide release next Valentine’s Day, producer Michael Preger and his team at Preger Entertainment intend to keep the cinematic vampire blood flowing for the foreseeable future with the New York Times best-selling series, “The Last Vampire.”

Christopher Pike’s Young Adult book series originally appeared in print in 1994. It was re-released in 2009 by Simon & Schuster with their Omnibus Imprint Series Edition re-titled, “Thirst” – debuting on the New York Times (Young Adult) “Children’s Bestseller’s list” for an extraordinary 27 weeks.

“In ‘The Last Vampire’ series we are introduced to an entirely original world, in a universe vastly different from other vampire stories. This legend is born from the more classic genre of Bram Stroker’s ‘Dracula,’ steeped in history, mythic lore and even religious beginnings. Our main character is not only one of the first vampires, she is also believed to be the last surviving – but all that is just page one of this ‘roller-coaster,’ action-adventure fantasy ride,” comments Preger.

Christopher Pike’s epic legend of “Sita” introduces a character prone not only to great spiritual beliefs and human-like compassion, but also brutal and horrific acts of retribution – in a world rife with ancient secrets, supernatural miracles and unimaginable peril. From the dark depths of her ancient origins to her present day chameleon-like existence, Sita’s world is very different than what most humans perceive. She is at once captivating and beguiling, due in part to her personification as a beautiful, intelligent, innocent appearing, contemporary girl – who is in reality a 5000-year-old predator.