Kyle Chandler Joins George Clooney’s Good Morning, Midnight Adaptation


Kyle Chandler joins George Clooney’s Good Morning, Midnight adaptation

According to Deadline, Godzilla: King of the Monsters star Kyle Chandler has joined George Clooney and Felicity Jones in the Netflix adaptation of the post-apocalyptic novel Good Morning, Midnight. The actor will play an American astronaut named Mitchell in the film, which is also being directed by Clooney.

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The novel, written by Lily Brooks-Dalton, follows the brilliant yet aging astronomer Augustine, who has lived in various remote outposts over the years studying the sky, but shortly after arriving at a new Arctic research center, news of a catastrophic event hits and despite the rest of the scientists evacuating, he chooses to remain and continue his work, in the process discovering a mysterious child named Iris as the radio waves go silent at the station.

Simultaneously, an astronaut named Sullivan is on her return flight home from Jupiter with the rest of her team, who are the first humans to travel this deep into space, which led to her having to leave her daughter behind and her marriage ending. Despite the mission being a success thus far, the journey home proves problematic when communication with Mission Control falls silent, creating a fear of whether or not they will ever get home. With Augustine’s dedication to his work and Sullivan’s crew unsure of their trip, their worlds are about to collide in a major way.

The adaptation is currently being penned by Mark L. Smith, who’s more successful works include the 2009 family horror-comedy The Hole, 2015’s Oscar-winning biographical epic western The Revenant and last year’s well-received war horror film Overlord, and is being produced by Clooney and Smokehouse Pictures’ Grant Heslov alongside Anonymous Content and Syndicate Entertainment.

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Production is set to begin on the untitled adaptation in October.
Chandler will next be seen in Godzilla vs. Kong, and can currently be seen in the TV mini-series Catch-22, his previous collaboration with Clooney. He also appeared as Deke Slayton in last year’s First Man as well as the hit comedy Game Night.