Alexandre Aja to Direct Interactive Haunted House Film for Amblin


Alexandre Aja to Direct Interactive Haunted House Film for Amblin Partners

Alexandre Aja to direct interactive haunted house film for Amblin

Collider is reporting that Alexandre Aja (Crawl) will be directing an untitled interactive haunted house film for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners. The movie will be a choose-your-own-adventure experience, inspired by an idea from The Haunting of Hill House’s Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan.

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Howard (Oculus) will be writing the film alongside Aja and Nick Simon (The Girl in the Photographs). Amblin is developing the project by collaborating with Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology. The tech allows filmmakers to create interactive narratives and films that allow audiences to influence the storyline. Using an app on their cell phones, audience members will be able to vote in the theater to decide what characters will do at pivotal points in the narrative.

The ability to influence a character’s decision in the haunted house film means that the movie will have a different plot, ending, and running time depending on the choices the audience votes for.

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Chady Eli Matta and Scott C. Silver of Kino Industries’ will serve as producers. Aja is executive producing alongside Greg Levasseur (Piranha 3D). Jeb Brody and John Buderwitz will oversee the project on behalf of Amblin.

(Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images)