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The Criterion Channel Announces First Month Lineup

Movie fans the world over were disappointed when the streaming service Filmstruck shuttered its virtual doors in fall 2018. Soon after however The Criterion Collection announced it would launch its own service, The Criterion Channel will have similar offerings and marked April 8, 2019, as its launch date. As April draws ever nearer, the site has finally revealed its inaugural month’s lineup.

The Criterion Channel, like the home media distributor it spawned from, is carefully curated.

“There will be something new in the spotlight every day of the week,” the site explains. “Tuesdays will offer Short + Feature pairings. Wednesdays are dedicated to women filmmakers. On Fridays there will be a double feature, and on Saturdays, a family-friendly matinee. Criterion Collection editions will let fans dig deep into individual films. Thematic programming will help viewers explore and discover new movies in new ways. Sundays will spotlight the biggest series, such as director or star retrospectives, guest curator selections, long-form cinematic epics, or large thematic programs, while the 10 Minutes or Less section will offer short-form delights for cinephiles on the go.”

Does this sound like the kind of programming you would enjoy? Which titles are you looking forward to most? Sound off in the comments below!

Monday, April 8: Noir from Columbia Pictures

My Name is Julia Ross

So Dark the Night

The Big Heat

Human Desire

Drive a Crooked Road



The Burglar

The Lineup

Murder by Contract

Experiment in Terror

Bonus: Mildred Pierce

Tuesday, April 9: Short and Feature

Yearbook (short)

Y tu mamá también

Wednesday, April 10: Screenwriter Suso Cecchi D’Amico

Bicycle Thieves


Le amiche

Le notti bianche

Big Deal on Madonna Street

Rocco and His Brothers

Salvatore Giuliano

Bonus: Wanda

Thursday, April 11: Director David Lynch


The Elephant Man

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Mulholland Drive

Six Men Getting Sick (short)

The Alphabet (short)

The Grandmother (short)

The Amputee Version 1 (short)

The Amputee Version 2 (short)

Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (short)

Bonus: Ace in the Hole

Friday, April 12: Double Feature

Last Hurrah for Chivalry

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Bonus: Jubal

Saturday, April 13: Family Matinee

Bugsy Malone

Sunday, April 14: Guest Programmer Julie Taymor

Baby Face

Great Expectations (1946)


Sawdust and Tinsel

Nights of Cabiria

The Cranes are Flying

Monday, April 15

Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day

Tuesday, April 16: Short and Feature

The Silence (short)

Taste of Glory

Wednesday, April 17: Director Susanne Bier


After the Wedding

In a Better World

Thursday, April 18

Kaili Blues

Friday, April 19: Double Feature

Hamlet (1948)

To Be or Not To Be

Saturday, April 20: Family Matinee

The Kid

Sunday, April 21: Director Charles Burnett

My Brother’s Wedding

To Sleep With Anger

Hollywood Shuffle

Several Friends (short)

The Horse (short)

When It Rains (short)

The Final Insult (short)

Quiet as Kept (short)

Monday, April 22

David Simons discusses Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory

Tuesday, April 23: Short and Feature

Fauve (short)

The Wages of Fear

Bonus: The Hidden Fortress

Wednesday, April 24: Director Sofia Coppola

The Virgin Suicides

Thursday, April 25: “Killer Couples”

The Honeymoon Killers

Eating Raoul


Friday, April 26: Double Feature

Murder by Contract

Le samouraï

Saturday, April 27: Family Matinee

Mon oncle

Sunday, April 28: Actor Simone Signoret

La ronde

Casque d’or


Adua and Her Friends

Army of Shadows

The Widow Courdec

Monday, April 29: Film School

Professor Jeff Smith discusses Memories of Underdevelopment

Tuesday, April 30: Short and Feature

Surface Tension (short)

News from Home


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