Noah Hawley Reveals Kevin Feige Asked About His Doctor Doom Movie


Noah Hawley Reveals Kevin Feige Asked About His Doctor Doom Movie

Noah Hawley reveals Kevin Feige asked about his Doctor Doom movie

Legion creator Noah Hawley still doesn’t know when, or if, his Doctor Doom movie will become a reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hawley was asked about the script by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige but has yet to hear back.

This week at SXSW, Hawley revealed that Feige had asked him if he was still working on the script, to which he replied: “Should I still be working on it?” Apparently, he’s still waiting for a definitive answer.

The issue comes as Disney’s acquisition of Fox is set to close next week. This means all the Fox-held Marvel properties, including The Fantastic Four and The X-Men, will belong to the House of Mouse.

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Hawley explained that he sees Doctor Doom as a geopolitical thriller instead of a superhero movie. It begins with Doom putting a dome over his fictional homeland of Latveria. Later, he invites a female journalist to be his country’s mouthpiece, which would mean its protagonist would be devoid of superpowers, which alone sets it apart from its peers.

Meanwhile, Hawley is working on the fourth season of Fargo, and while he didn’t reveal any casting details (beyond the previously announced Chris Rock), but promises fans will “be happy” when the official announcements are made.

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