Exclusive: Rob Zombie Updates on Broad Street Bullies


Last summer, it was revealed that musician-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie was interested in tackling his first non-horror project with Broad Street Bullies, based on the true story of the 1970’s Philadelphia Flyers.

“That [script] is finished,” Zombie tells ComingsSoon.net. “I just finished it. That was an epic battle because that was the first time I had to really research something. There’s no fiction in it, it’s all true. It was a year of research, my God, I read every f–king book and, obviously, the game ends with game 6 against the Bruins when they win the cup. I must have watched game 6 a thousand f–king times until I had it memorized. It’s a pretty epic script. I was just in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago and all of those guys still go to every game. I was sitting in the box with Joe Watson and Bernie Parent. The Broadstreet Bullies still reign there. I got to get that movie right or they’ll take me out and hang me.”

Although is not yet set up at a studio, Zombie suggests that fans won’t have a very long wait before it finds a home.

“We had so many offers for it but we haven’t taken one yet,” he continues. “It’s funny because everybody was like ‘Oh, a hockey movie, nobody’s going to want it.’ But as soon as we announced it, everyone came out of the woodwork. Everybody wanted to get involved. Nothing against horror movies and I don’t mean this to sound any way, but no agent wants to put their client in a horror movie, nobody would take them seriously. But suddenly, with this type of movie, everyone is coming forward, which I wasn’t prepared for.”

Zombie’s latest, The Lords of Salem, hits theaters April 19.

(Photo Credit: Dominic Chan / WENN.com)

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