Director Lynne Ramsay a No-Show on First Day of Jane Got a Gun


We can’t recall this happening before, but Deadline is reporting that Jane Got a Gun director Lynne Ramsay was a no-show on the first day of filming, leaving producers Natalie Portman (who is also starring) and Scott Steindorff scrambling to find a replacement. Joel Edgerton, Rodrigo Santoro and Jude Law were also set to start filming today.

Steindorff, who is financing the film through his Scott Pictures label, said they are determined to hold the picture together.

“I have millions of dollars invested, we’re ready to shoot, we have a great script, crew and cast,” Steindorff said. “I’m shocked and so disappointed someone would do this to 150 crew members who devoted so much time, energy, commitment and loyalty to a project, and then have the director not show up. It is insane somebody would do this to other people. I feel more for the crew and their families, but we are keeping the show going on, directors are flying in, and a replacement is imminent.”

As far as legal ramifications, Steindorff said that Ramsay “was pay or play, and Marty Singer has been retained. My focus is on making this movie, but I will protect all my rights. This comes down to an irresponsible act by one person.”

Ramsay previously directed We Need to Talk About Kevin, starring Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller. It will be interesting to hear her side of the story.

Jane Got a Gun centers on a woman who must ask an ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang who are out to kill him.

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