Exclusive First Look at New Sideshow Spider-Man Statue


Exclusive First Look at New Sideshow Spider-Man Statue

Exclusive first look at new Sideshow Spider-Man statue

Is your Spider-Sense tingling? That’s because Sideshow Collectibles has provided ComingSoon.net with your exclusive first look at their new Spider-Man Premium Format Figure. Check out a full view of the Spider-Man statue in the gallery below!

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Like most Sideshow iterations of iconic superheroes, this one doesn’t appear to take its cue from any particular artist’s rendering of the web slinger, but rather an attempt to cut the most iconic look and pose to represent the character. If we had to peg it, though, it would appear to be somewhere in-between the original Steve Ditko Spidey and the subsequent John Romita run, and he most definitely appears to be in some kind of battle with Doctor Octopus!

The prototype for the Spider-Man Premium Format Figure will be unveiled at New York Comic-Con next week at Sideshow booth #1912. Product pricing, statue dimensions and release date have yet to be revealed, but fans can RSVP for all the latest news as it’s released via this link.

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What do you think of the new Spider-Man Premium Format Figure? Will you be checking out this Spider-Man statue at NYCC, or do you already plan on adding him to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!