CS Video Interview: Mark Wahlberg on Broken City

ComingSoon.net got a chance to talk to Mark Wahlberg about his new thriller, Broken City, opening in theaters on January 18. You can watch the interview, in which he also talks about starring in Michael Bay’s Transformers 4, using the player below!

In the Allen Hughes-directed film, Billy Taggart (Wahlberg) has a promising career as a New York City cop until the night he is involved in a controversial shooting. Stripped of his badge, but kept out of jail by New York’s popular Mayor (Russell Crowe), he re-makes himself as a private investigator.

Times are tough, and when the mayor offers Billy $50,000 to investigate the First Lady’s (Catherine Zeta Jones) extra-marital activities, it seems like a straight forward payday. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that the Mayor is not at all what he seems, and for Billy to achieve redemption he will have to risk everything — possibly even his freedom.


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