11 Movie Directors Who Are Hardcore Comic Book Fans


11 Movie Directors Who Are Hardcore Comic Book Fans

11 Movie Directors Who Are Hardcore Comic Book Fans

Many filmmakers making big superhero films these days often pay lip service to comic books and their fans, when in reality many of them only familiarize themselves with the source material once they are hired for a project, often with condensed info packets and comics selections put together by studios. So which filmmakers are the real deal comics nerds with a genuine longtime love of the medium? We set out to answer that very question with our list of 11 Movie Directors Who Are Hardcore Comic Book Fans, which you can check out in the gallery below!

This article was sparked during a recent trip to Pixar for this weekend’s Incredibles 2, in which director Brad Bird was asked a question about Silver Age superheroes and professed an ignorance of what Silver Age even meant. Although Bird has stated he is not a comics fan (with the exception of Will Eisner’s The Spirit), he still made one of the greatest superhero movies of all time with 2004’s The Incredibles. Other filmmakers who have made great comic book movies like Tim Burton (Batman, Batman Returns) and Peter Jackson (Tintin) have been honest that they don’t generally read comics, and there are other filmmakers who claim to love comics but have made terrible films of them. We won’t mention them here, but we wanted to make clear that we don’t think loving comics is a prerequisite to making a good comic book film, but it IS fun to celebrate our nerdiest filmmakers for their devotion to the medium!

Which of the eleven movie directors in our list do you think GETS comic books the most? Did we leave any serious filmmaker comic book fans out? Let us know in the comments below!

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