CS Video: The Cast of Butter


While a dark comedy about butter carving might not seem like the most obvious way to spend a Friday night, what makes Jim Field Smith’s Butter so funny is that he put together a really great cast, many of whom are breaking away from how we normally expect to see them on screen.

It stars Jennifer Garner as Laura Pickler, the “first lady” of her Iowa county, having been married to the long-time butter carving champ Bob Pickler (played by “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell). When she decides it’s time for her to step up and enter the local butter carving championship in order to keep it in the Pickler family, she finds herself facing tough competition is Destiny (newcomer Yara Shahidi), an orphan girl who has recently been adopted by the far more liberal Ethan and Julie Emmett (Rob Corddry & Alicia Silverstone). The third contestant is a foul-mouthed stripper named Brooke, played by Olivia Wilde, who is owed money by Bob for services rendered, who finds a confidante in the Pickler’s frustrated teen daughter Kaitlen (Ashley Greene). The movie also stars Hugh Jackman as a God-fearing used car salesman in a cowboy hat—like we said, very different from how we normally see him.

Last week, ComingSoon.net sat down with some of the movie’s cast, including Garner, Burrell, Wilde, Greene and Corddry to talk about the movie, how they got involved and their initial reaction to the film’s odd premise, as well as how at least Corddry and Wilde were playing very different roles from what we’ve seen from them before. Ashley Greene also talks about making out with Wilde in one particularly juicy scene that’s worth the price of admission.

Butter opens in theaters on Friday, October 5.