Any Day Now: The Longest Times Between Movie Sequels


Any Day Now: The Longest Times Between Movie Sequels

Any Day Now: The longest times between movie sequels

“Why are they taking so long to put the second one out?” That is question that everyone has asked at least once in their lives. You watch this really great movie that leaves you on the most intense cliff hanger, and then you are forced to wait a billion years to see what comes next. By that time, you can’t even remember the first movie, or any of the major events that happened in it. Then you have to rewatch the movie and fight to get tickets because everyone else who has been left in the dust for the past five years is dying to see it as well. These five movies sequels have left us wanting for years upon years, and driven us so nuts that we fight tooth and nail to see the sequel the moment that it comes out.

Finding Dory

Talk about a wait. Pixar‘s Finding Nemo became a hit amongst kids, teens and adults in 2003; and they kept us waiting until 2016 to reveal the highly-anticipated Finding Dory. I am no expert in film, but I don’t believe it takes 13 years to make an animated movie. Despite my and many others’ inability to be patient, Finding Dory was worth the wait. How can you really be upset at the people who created the sweetest father and son story of all time? You can’t. It was a long wait, but one that I was willing to suffer through just so that I could see Marlin, Dory and Nemo back at it again.

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Blade Runner 2049

Thirty five years? Really? It took THAT long to come out with this sci-fi sequel? I have personally never seen Blade Runner, but the amount of times I have heard people talking about in my daily life is enough for me to know what it is. I think that 35 years goes beyond the realm of anticipation. At that point, I think someone just thought, “Hey, I can probably make another one of these.” Nevertheless, humanity has proven that no matter how long the wait, they will remain fans and will be first in line at the premier of the sequel.

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The Incredibles

This sequel is STILL not out. I must have watched The Incredibles a thousand times when I was kid, and never got sick of it. Perhaps it was my my obsession with Dash and Jack-Jack, but I personally think it’s just because I couldn’t get enough of them. 13 years is quite a long time to wait for the sequel to a child’s superhero movie, but I’m willing to say I would wait a thousand years for this sequel. There is no disappointment in how long this sequel is taking, just pure anticipation and excitement.

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Mary Poppins Returns

If people think that waiting 35 years for a sequel is ridiculous, how about waiting 54 years for a sequel? Mary Poppins touched the heart of millions in 1964, and I guess that people are thinking it will do the same in the winter of 2018, and I don’t doubt it. If a movie can come out in 1964 and people are still talking about it, the producers and directors better take their sweet time making the sequel because people have high expectations for it. Once again, not mad about the absurd amount of time that it took to make another sequel; I just hope that it’s the best movie of the decade because if it is not, I think America might go even more nuts than we already have.

Zoolander 2

I didn’t even know that it was possible to take anything from Zoolander and somehow make it into another movie. But I suppose that 15 years later someone got bored and figured that they would take a crack at it. While the original Zoolander was humorous in a strange, pervy, kind of way; but in my personal opinion Zoolander 2 just did not do the job. It goes to show that even though our anticipation reaches maximum capacity while waiting years to see a sequel, we would wait much longer than 15 years as long as you actually made it good. 15 years should be enough time to take the classic Zoolander and stretch it into another witty film, but I guess 15 years was just not enough.