10 Avengers Team Ups We Want to See in the MCU


10 Avengers Team Ups We Want to See in the MCU

10 Avengers team ups we want to see in the MCU

Today sees the release of Thor: Ragnarok, the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the latest to use the secret weapon of Marvel Studios: Teaming up their characters within their solo movies and out of the “team-up” films.

The sky is the limit for Marvel Studios moving forward, and though nearly all of the character will be meeting in some regard in Avengers: Infinity War, we still have ideas for Avengers team ups we’d like to see in the MCU.

10 Avengers Team-Ups We Want to See in the MCU

Avengers Team Ups: Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch

Doctor Strange’s brief appearance in Thor: Ragnarok was proof already that he can work when paired up with another Marvel hero, but perhaps the humor of such an interaction would land even better with one of the more serious members. Scarlet Witch doesn’t play around, but also she could probably learn something more about herself and the things she is capable of by working with the good doctor. Selfishly though, I also just want to hear the banter between these two characters since one actually uses magic and the one who actually calls herself a witch does not.

Avengers Team Ups: Black Panther and Black Widow

Their matching naming convention is one reason that these two should appear together, but also that their previous shared screen time was nonexistent. T’Challa and Natasha were both on “Team Iron Man” during the Civil War, but they barely exchanged a glance in between the bouts. The two of them specialize in stealth-based fighting more so than the other heroes in the MCU, so imagine the two of them taking out an entire battalion of goons with nary a whisper being uttered.

Avengers Team Ups: The Hulk and Iron Man

The screen time that the two of these characters have shared previously was mostly a mind-controlled fight, so imagine the pair of them working as two bigger-than-a-house brawlers taking out foes together. There’s also the fact that The Hulk is capable of at least some speech, so hearing him and Tony bicker back and forth while the car-pummeling punches continue is a comic book moment that we need to see in live action.

Avengers Team Ups: Drax and The Vision

We already know that the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers will meet in Infinity War and it’s the interaction between those two groups that we’re so looking forward to. Dave Bautista’s Drax could honestly be paired with any of the other characters because of his deadpan delivery and inability to comprehend sarcasm makes him ripe to appear alongside any other hero, but positioning him with the all knowledgable, and equally socially awkward, Vision, is perfect. Imagine a fight that requires finesse and cunning, The Vision phases through the wall for a quiet entrance but quickly face palms once Drax leaps through the wall screaming and hurling knives at their foes.

Avengers Team Ups: The Winter Soldier and Rocket

The possible pairings of Guardians and Avengers work on multiple levels, primarily because of the big differences between them. Bucky and Rocket, however, are two peas in a pod as weapon-obsessed, explosion enthusiasts. Plus Bucky’s sad boy aesthetic will be verbal canon fodder for Rocket’s insults. Plus, he’s definitely going to need Bucky’s arm for some reason, or maybe he’ll even give him a nice upgrade to it.

Avengers Team Ups: Ant-Man and Groot

If there’s anyone from The Avengers that Groot will be the most fascinated with, it’s Scott Lang and his shrinking/growing abilities. Groot himself is also capable of some limited growing as seen when he can stretch out his limbs, but I think he would be fascinated to have someone that could match his size no matter if he’s Baby Groot or full-size Groot. Plus imagine the photography of a scene featuring Ant-Man running up Groot’s arm and leaping off him, growing back to full size, and slugging a foe.

Avengers Team Ups: Thor and Gamora

Of all the Guardians, Gamora is the most… medieval. So putting her and the Odinson together makes the most sense, especially because the two of them have probably heard of each other’s people but never seen one in the flesh. It’s also tough to beat the one-two punch of a hammer and a sword from two very capable fighters. The two of them also have a very particular way of speaking that would likely put them in “Who’s on first?” territory at an alarming rate.

Avengers Team Ups: The Falcon and The Wasp

We’ve already seen how Sam Wilson stacks up with Scott Lang, but how will he do when put up with a hero that can fly alongside him and shrink down into his suit at will? Evangeline Lily’s Hope Van Dyne will finally suit up as The Wasp next summer and there’s certainly an opportunity for bonding between the two of them because they have flight suits (That work in different ways seemingly). Plus there’s a level of smack talk that The Falcon manages to achieve with every interaction that Hope would shut down at every step.

Avengers Team Ups: Captain Marvel and War Machine

Though Brie Larson’s hero won’t appear on the big screen for some time, it’s never too early to be planning her team up and maybe an eventual romance. We know that the Captain Marvel movie, when it finally arrives in 2019, will take place in the 1990s, putting it before much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this presents a great opportunity for these two to get together: James Rhodes was a colonel in the Air Force and probably grew up hearing about another famed Air Force cadet-turned-superhero, Carol Danvers. Plus, the power set for these two couldn’t be more different, so they will be able to handle all manner of fights side by side.

Avengers Team Ups: Captain America and Spider-Man

Part of the appeal of Spider-Man as a hero even just in the pages of Marvel comics is that he is a normal dude, a New Yorker that just so happens to swing from buildings and pal around with superheroes. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker got a taste of working with a mentor in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he’ll be going up against bigger fish in Avengers: Infinity War, but by partnering him up with another homegrown hero it will be the combo the MCU was built for. Steve Rogers thinks of himself as just a kid from Brooklyn and Peter Parker is just a kid from Queens. There’s something the two most humble heroes could learn from each other in a trying battle. Plus, Spidey wouldn’t even have to steal the shield anymore from Cap, he’d probably get a heads up that it’s getting chucked his way since they’d be fighting on the same side.

What Avengers team ups do you want to see in the MCU? Sound off below!