CS Video: The Cast of The Dictator

In Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, British comic Sacha Baron Cohen explored racism in America through the eyes of a racist and sexist immigrant from Eastern Europe, and he did a similar thing in the follow-up Bruno, only this time trekking across America as the gay Austrian fashion model of the title.

Now, in The Dictator, Cohen explores the world of dictators and power through the journey of Admiral General Alladeen, the tyrannical despot of the country of Wadiya, who comes to New York to speak before the United Nations. After narrowly escaping an assassination attempt by his right-hand man Tamir (Sir Ben Kingsley), he goes into hiding in Brooklyn, working for a liberal feminist grocer named Zoe (played by Anna Faris). The ruthless dictator won’t remain in this humiliating position for long, though and with the help of fellow countryman Nadal, played by Jason Mantzoukas from “The League,” he plots to return to power and prevent Tamir’s plans to bring democracy to Wadiya.

ComingSoon.net attended the New York City junket for the movie and while we didn’t get to talk to Cohen, we had the chance to speak with Sir Ben Kingsley, Anna Faris and Jason Mantzoukas.

In the video interview below:

* Sir Ben talks about why he chose to do this rare comedy

* Anna and Jason talk about upping their comedy game to go toe-to-toe with Sacha and the improvised aspect of this scripted comedy

* They also talk about working with someone who always stays in character on set

* Sir Ben talks about how Tamir is a different type of bad guy for him

* Anna talks about her very different look for the movie

* Jason talks about the made-up language he and Sacha speak in the movie

* Sir Ben tells us whether his Sacha Baron Cohen experienced lived up to his expectations.


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