The 50 Best Jackass Stunts, Sketches, and Pranks


The 50 Best Jackass Stunts, Sketches, and Pranks

The 50 best Jackass stunts, sketches, and pranks

The impact that Jackass had on the world continues to be felt to this day. Without that daring show, the proliferation of “prank” YouTube channels, prank viral marketing, and prank feature films wouldn’t be nearly what it is; not to mention that the limits to which you can push an audience were only made stronger by their outrageous behavior.

There is, however, some charm to Jackass. By doing the things we only think about and never even say out loud, they scratched an itch that people couldn’t carry out and doomed an entire generation to forgo the warning labels and try it at home.

Today marks the 15th Anniversary since the release of Jackass: The Movie and to mark the occasion, we’ve picked what we think are the 50 best stunts and sketches from the entire series. Check out the best Jackass stunts in the gallery below, watch the clips linked in each slide (where available), and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

(Editor’s note: Though it should go without saying, as some of the things carried out on Jackass were quite disgusting, that the following list does contain some truly gross things. You should also not attempt anything you see listed below.)