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Interview: Jackass Forever Newcomers Jasper Dolphin & Zach Holmes Discuss Joining Group

Jackass Forever is now available digitally and will arrive on both Blu-ray and DVD on April 19. The hilarious film features many returning stars, plus several new members of the Jackass crew.

“Celebrate the joy of a perfectly executed shot to the groin as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and the rest of the gang return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of stunts and comedy,” reads the official synopsis.

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with Jackass Forever stars Jasper Dolphin and Zach Holmes about joining the legendary stunt group, fitting into an established dynamic, and their dick-filled group texts.

Tyler Treese: Jasper, I know you have experience working with Dickhouse, but how did the on-set experience of Jackass compare to doing Loiter Squad?

Jasper Dolphin: Let’s just say, Loiter Squad is kindergarten to what we do on Jackass. Know what I’m saying? It’s a big step up, so it’s a little different, but still fun, you know what I’m saying? Everybody was cool. Relaxing, a little wild, but not too wild. Good times. Good times.

Zach, all the Jackass guys clearly inspired you to get into stunts. So how surreal was it doing it with, you know, these idols of yours?

Zach Holmes: It was very surreal, like a dream come true. Like, I couldn’t believe this even happened, honestly, it was just a dream come true. I’m just happy that they like welcomed me with open arms into this, you know?

Yeah. I mean, one thing that really stood out there was, at least in the film, there wasn’t like any like initiation or any hazing. You kind of just felt like full members from the get-go.

Jasper: Yeah. I think they just hazed us all at the same time as a group with them just coming back. They just prank us all at the same time. Like you gotta get these guys. They were like, “Nope, we’re gonna get everybody.”

Jasper, you get to see Tyler, the Creator show up in the film. What did it mean for you to have him do a scene with you in the film?

Jasper: Oh, it was pretty cool. He came into the movie and then also we got Lionel [Boyce] from Loiter Squad and Travis [“Taco” Bennett] from Loiter Squad that came in. So to see my friends come in and join my job, or whatever you want to call it, my work, is pretty cool. I’m saying like, “Come over here and see what I do.”

Zach, what was your favorite scene out of all the stunts that made it in?

Zach: I think one of my favorite scenes is when Preston has the thing like punching his balls. That is so funny. I was like, so jealous of that scene. Like I wish that would’ve [been me], that’s how you think. You could see the pain in his eyes. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed that, but it was such a good scene.

Jasper, an unexpected star of the film was your father. He just steals several scenes. He’s hilarious in it. How much convincing did it take to get him on board?

Jasper: Oh, quite a bit. So he would call me every day like, “Should I? Should I do this? I dunno if I really want to do it.” He was like, “I’ve been having nightmares. I can’t sleep at night,” and I’m like, “Bro, you’re overthinking it way too much.” Even with the bird thing, when they put the bird on his arm, we had to pump him up and all yell his name, and breathe confidence into his chest and stuff, but we got him out there and I’m glad he came, you know what I’m saying? He had a good time and it’s always good to see somebody’s really natural reaction to not being around any of this stuff. So that’s what made his part so good because he was legit scared for his life.

So Zach, this film is both a farewell and a passing of the torch to a new generation. How do you view the brand living on in the future?

Zach: I’m not sure. That’s a good question. I don’t think any of us really know what’s going to happen to the brand, like in the future, but I mean, there’s no clear plans right now to do anything else other than the release of a 4.5, but if they were to ask us to do anything else, I would totally be down. I think we all would. But, we would definitely want the OGs to still be involved in some way. I wouldn’t want it to be like just the new guys, you know.

Definitely. Jasper, the response has been so positive to Jackass Forever. How much of a trip seeing millions of people go out to the theaters and just share their reactions? Has it been overwhelming?

Jasper: It feels good. I don’t…I wouldn’t say overwhelming. I’ve been in this game for like 11 years now, but the movie thing is for sure, definitely different. It brings on a different audience group of people and stuff like that. But I think I’m…I’ve been playing it cool, you know what I’m saying? I’m not big-headed or nothing. I’m still chillaxing. I’m on earth still. I’m not in the clouds too high. [laughs]

Zach, you both got to appear in some WWE events with Johnny Knoxville feuding with Sammy Zayn. How cool was it meeting people like Randy Orton and Matt Riddle and being part of that show?

Zach: Oh, that was awesome. I never thought that was going to happen. That was just so cool. It’s so interesting, all of the different worlds that collide because of Jackass. I can’t wait to see what potentially can come next.

Jasper, what was the moment when you really just felt like a full member of Jackass, and you were like, “I belong here and this is part of my future now”?

Jasper: I think it might have been the treadmill bit. We filmed that early on or whatever during the filming process. And then once we did it, Steve-O walked over and he was like, “Honestly, I didn’t think you were going to do it. I’m glad you did.” And he said, like, this little heartwarming thing, it made me feel good. Like, okay, they accept me. They know I’m crazy too.

Zach, you know, a lot of members have talked about getting paranoid as filming goes on because it’s just constant pranks and fooling each other. Did the newbies kind of have each other’s backs or was it kind of fair game amongst everyone?

Zach: Oh, it was fair game amongst everyone [laughs] with the pranks and everything. Like, everything felt like it could be a prank, no matter what you were doing, it could have been a prank. Like, that was the most nerve-wracking thing throughout the entire movie was just freaking out, that was probably the most stress I’ve ever had. Just hoping that stuff wasn’t a prank looking around every corner, before you sat in a chair, making sure it wasn’t rigged with something, you know? It was fucking nerve-wracking, but it was very fun though at the same time.

Jasper, I have to ask, The OF Tape Vol. 2 just turned 10, which is crazy that it’s been 10 years, but do you think we’ll ever see a full-on Odd Future reunion down the line?

Jasper: Probably not. I’m just going to be real with you. I don’t see it happening. I actually tried to get a reunion, not even a reunion, but like, a small mixtape with everybody on it, around like, when was this? I’m bad with dates, I’m going to say maybe like 2014, maybe 2015, And it just never happened. Yeah, I don’t know. We’re all grown and went on our own path. We’re all friends still though.

Zach, the grand openings of these films are always so awesome and it takes so much work to put it together. When you first saw the whole scene with the Godzilla dick causing havoc throughout the cit, what was just your first reaction to seeing it all just come together like that?

Zach: It was just like, “Oh my God, this is like one of the coolest opening scenes I’ve ever seen.” Like, because it, it all started with like, cuz that was gonna be a bit just for the movie. That wasn’t even gonna be the opening. Then while we were filming it, they were like, “Oh, this is the opening now,” and then seeing it escalate from there to this huge opening scene was just insane. It was awesome to see spike and Jeff and everyone like turn that like make like movie magic. It was so cool to be able to see that happen, like right in front of me

Jasper, there’s a lot of nudity in the film and you see dicks do things that you just never thought was possible. I’m sure you haven’t seen that many dicks in a short amount of time before this?

Jasper: I sure have not seen that many dicks in a short period of time [laughs]. Also, the group texts have dicks all in it too. So it doesn’t just stop on screen. It goes all the way into your phone. Especially after somebody’s dick gets like torn up, you get to see the aftermath. Like, “Look at my dick after two days. It’s all purple and blue.” I actually got caught looking at one of the photos and I felt weird. They were was like, “What are you looking at?” I’m like, “It’s just a homie dick. It’s all purple.”


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