The Top 9 Most Horrible Kids in Horror

9 movies with horrible kids who do terrible things

If you’re a parent who loves being a parent (I am and I do), then you know the joys of raising smaller versions of yourself. There’s absolutely nothing that can compare. That said… kids can be monsters sometimes. And guess what? You were a kid once too. And you also dipped your toe into the bratty pool on occasion. I know you did. Your mom told me. The point is, by their very nature, little kids are narcissists. They are hard-wired to put their needs before anyone else’s. It’s nature’s way of ensuring they survive.

The good news is, those almost sociopathic traits wind down fairly quickly post-toddler stage. But the exhausting effects of wild tantrums, unreasonable demands, sleep deprivation, wallet sabotage, schoolyard incidents and household destruction can leave a scar on even the sanest parent. Which is why there are so many horror movies with horrible kids; little deadly darlings being supernaturally awful and engaging in all manner of transgression. It’s all an amplification of parental paranoia, after all.

So with that, this morning’s random movie list is dedicated to all the horror movie-loving moms and dads who have navigated impossible children that they nevertheless love. Here’s a rundown of the 9 most nightmarish and horribly-behaved tots in terror cinema. Many of these films have been discussed to death, but we’re sure you’ll find at least a few that are new to you.

Okay, my fellow pooped parents. This one’s for you…


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