CS Video: Analeigh Tipton Plays a Damsel in Distress


While many people may have first met Analeigh Tipton when she appeared on the reality television show “America’s Next Top Model,” her move into acting is one that’s been taken seriously after playing a major role in last year’s hit romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. opposite Steve Carell and Julianne Moore.

In Damsels in Distress, the first movie from filmmaker Whit Stillman (The Last Days of Disco) in fourteen years, Tipton plays Lily, a naïve young woman who arrives at the campus of Seven Oaks where she’s pulled into the fold of a group of girls led by Greta Gerwig’s Violet, whose goal is to save the boorish male populace of the school. Violet and her crew certainly mean well as they use donuts and tapdancing to help depressed students at the “suicide center,” but Lily is having her own guy problems and soon starts questioning Violet’s intentions.

The movie features the sort of clever writing and sharp dialogue Stillman is known for as well as a terrific young ensemble cast that includes Adam Brody (“The O.C.”), Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”), Zach Woods (“The Office”), Megalyn Echikunwoke, Carrie MacLemore, Caitlin Fitzgerald and more.

Next year, Analeigh is co-starring in Jonathan Levine’s adaptation of Isaac Marion’s zombie drama Warm Bodies, playing Nora Greene, which ComingSoon.net also discussed with the young actress in our exclusive video interview below.

After butchering the pronunciation of her name, we spoke with Analeigh about:

* How she got involved in the project
* Her first reaction to the script and the research she did to prepare
* The challenges of delivering Whit Stillman’s dialogue
* Working with Greta Gerwig and how they swapped parts
* Whether there was any room for improv
* What Whit Stillman brings as a director
* Shooting the movie on Staten Island
* How she’s enjoying acting but hopes to write/direct as well
* How her Warm Bodies character Nora Greene differs from the book as well as how her backstory may be told in a webseries

And lots more!

Damsels in Distress opens on Friday, April 6 in New York and Los Angeles.