The Amazing Spider-Man “Untold Story Begins” Event!


It’s hard to believe that a relaunch of a movie franchise that’s brought in nearly $2.5 billion globally might be seen as an underdog in any given year, but Sony Pictures certainly had been biding its time in how much or little it showed in regards to their big summer movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. On Monday, February 6, Sony pulled out all the stops for a global event that showed off the trailer as well as a great deal of never-before-seen footage from Marc Webb’s Spider-Man relaunch.

The event took place in thirteen cities globally with New York and Los Angeles being the only North American cities participating. was in New York City, which is indeed Spider-Man Country, fully expecting the Regal Union Square to be a madhouse and it certainly was as many people had been outside waiting for hours for the event to start.

Click here to read the full footage write-up at SuperHeroHype!

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