CS Video: Ellen Barkin and Demi Moore on Another Happy Day


ComingSoon.net talked with Ellen Barkin and Demi Moore about Another Happy Day, opening in limited theaters on November 18.

Barkin stars in and produced this darkly comic story of the emotional rollercoaster of a family gathering. On the eve of her estranged son’s (Michael Nardelli) wedding, Lynn (Barkin), a woman who has always worn her emotions on her sleeve, must deal with her long-simmering feud with her ex-husband (Thomas Hayden Church) and his hot-tempered wife (Moore), the disdain of her cold mother (Ellen Burstyn) and distant father (George Kennedy) and the ridicule of her ever-judgmental sisters. And the fact that she brings along her three deeply troubled children (Ezra Miller, Daniel Yelsky, Kate Bosworth) don’t make things any easier for Lynn.

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