CS Video: Kirsten Dunst on Melancholia


Opening in a limited release this weekend, Melancholia is the latest work from Danish director and screenwriter Lars von Trier and features Kirsten Dunst in a role that won her the Prix de l’Interpretation Feminine (Best Actress) award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

In the film, Dunst plays Justine, a woman whose wedding day is marred by an intangible sadness that may or may not be connected to a newly discovered rogue planet that is on a trajectory to pass right by the Earth (and, some say, could even collide with it).

ComingSoon.net sat down with Dunst to discuss the deeply meditative film, the process by which she plays Justine’s sense of depression for the screen and her collaborative process with the ever-innovative von Trier.

Melancholia is also available now on VOD (including as a HD version on iTunes), but filmgoers in New York and LA can find theatrical showtimes on the film’s official site.

You can also check out ComingSoon.net’s video interview with her co-star, Alexander Skarsgard by clicking here.