Interview: The Muppets ‘ Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem!


It has been almost 40 years since the Electric Mayhem took the stage for the first time at the fabled Muppet Theater. Led by the adroit and magnanimous Dr. Teeth, the band has honed its brand of funk-inspired psychedelic rock throughout the years – a sound that laid the foundation of influence for the robust jam band scene that has reigned in the subculture of the US and beyond throughout the current decade. With one of the tightest rhythm sections around thanks to Floyd Pepper’s soulful bass lines and the backbeat mastery of drummer extraordinaire Animal, the band – which also includes Janice on lead guitar and Zoot on saxophone – has lost none of its potency over the years.

Now, Electric Mayhem is back in the limelight thanks to their latest Hollywood endeavor, The Muppets, coming to the silver screen this Thanksgiving. and What’s That Dude Play? teamed up for an interview with the band recently to talk about the movie, the music… and the mayhem!

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