CS Video: Moneyball Director Bennett Miller


Some may remember director Bennett Miller from when he got nominated for an Oscar for directing his first dramatic feature Capote, a movie which brought Philip Seymour Hoffman his first Oscar. Others may have noticed he’s been noticeably absent from movie screens since then and wonder where he’d been.

There’s a good chance Miller was just waiting for the right project and apparently, he found it with Moneyball, an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ best-selling book about Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane–here played by an actor some may know by the name of Brad Pitt–and his attempt to use Sabermetrics to create the perfect team. Helping him in this venture is Yale graduate Peter Brand, played by Jonah Hill, who uses stats to find undervalued players to boost the team’s on-base percentage.

Miller returned to the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time since Capote and ComingSoon.net had a chance to do an extended on-camera interview with the filmmaker, since we figured he would offer the most insight on what it took to bring Michael Lewis’ book to the screen.

We talked to Bennett about:

* What he’s been doing since “Capote”
* What kind of shape the script was in when he came on board
* Whether he spent any time talking to the book’s author Michael Lewis and whether he’s seen the movie
* What the biggest challenge was of making the movie
* Whether he and Brad spent a lot of time with Billy
* Did he approach Billy in a similar way as he did Truman Capote

And lots, lots more!

Moneyball opens across the country on Friday, September 23. Look for our interviews with Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt later this week.