SDCC Exclusive: Neil Burger on Limitless DVD & Uncharted


While had a chance to talk to director Neil Burger back in March before his sci-fi thriller Limitless–you can watch that video interview here–when we learned he’d be in San Diego to promote the DVD and Blu-ray at a special “Limitless Café” that had been set-up across the street at the Film & Arts Center, we had to stop by to say “hey” and catch up on how things have been going since the movie became a surprise hit, as well as find out what to expect on the recently-released DVD.

Based on the novel “The Dark Fields” by Alan Glynn, Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, a New York writer who discovers a drug called NZT that gives him unlimited potential to use his brain for all sorts of higher functions.

Recently, it was announced that Burger would be taking over from David O. Russell in terms of writing and directing an adaptation of the popular PlayStation 3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for Sony.

He talked about why he decided to do his first really big studio movie, one that will have a lot more overseers as well as a built-in fanbase, and how he plans on incorporating some of the storylines from the games.

Limitless is out on DVD and Blu-ray right now.