Exclusive CS Video: Liv Tyler on The Ledge

At the start of Matthew Chapman’s The Ledge, Charlie Hunnam (“Sons of Anarchy”) is seen standing on a ledge ready to take a leap. He’s Gavin, a hotel manager whose neighbor and co-worker Shana, played by Liv Tyler, is married to the ultra-religious Joe (Patrick Wilson). Gavin and Joe immediately butt heads based on their beliefs, and that, compounded with Gavin’s immediate attraction to Shana, leads to the latter two having an affair. When Joe finds out, we learn what even someone who believes in “turning the other cheek” might do in the name of love.

While The Ledge is being marketed as a psychological thriller, it’s really more of a complex drama, and playing Shana is another interesting choice for Tyler, who was recently seen in a similarly damaged role in James Gunn’s dark comedy Super.

Normally, it would be hard not to get annoyed with the two-hour wait we had to endure before getting to talk to Ms. Tyler, but it’s incredibly hard to stay mad at someone when they walk into the room with an offering of Gummi Bears, which is exactly what Ms. Tyler did at the start of what is apparently her very first FLIPcam interview.

In the exclusive video interview below, we talked about:

* How she found out about the project and why she was interested

* Why the movie took so long to get made

* Whether they were able to do rehearsals

* The connections between her characters in “The Ledge” and “Super”

* Whether she’s attracted to dark material and how she wants to work with David Lynch

* How she felt about Gavin’s motivations for wanting to be with her character

* Why we haven’t heard about her returning for “The Hobbit”

* We talk about the possibilities for a sequel to “The Strangers”

And More!

The Ledge has been playing for a while on PPV on Demand, but it will be opening in New York and L.A. theaters on Friday, July 8.


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