Exclusive CS Video: The Art of Getting By ‘s Wiesen & Angarano


Earlier this week, we shared our video interviews with Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts for Gavin Wiesen’s The Art of Getting By–you can watch it here if you missed it–and now we have interviews with Wiesen himself as well as another one of the film’s stars, Michael Angarano.

Angarano plays an artist named Dustin who acts as an important part in the journey of Freddie Highmore’s George who is forced to escort Dustin on his school’s Career Day, then takes him on as his ersatz mentor. But Dustin also has his eye for Emma Roberts’ Sally, who George won’t admit he likes, which creates a conflict in the relationship.

You can check out both interviews below and listen until the end of the interview with Michael as we got a bit of a hint about what character he may play in Kevin Smith’s ’70s hockey movie Hit Somebody, which he’s currently working on finishing up the script.

The Art of Getting By opens across the country on Friday, June 17.

Gavin Wiesen Interview

Michael Angarano Interview

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