All of the Universal Classic Monster Movies Ranked


All of the Universal Classic Monster Movies Ranked

All of the Universal Classic Monster movies ranked

Horror movies come in phases. One thing works and then the entire system scrambles to capitalize on the “one thing” that audiences love. We’re well past the threshold of found footage movies being the phase, while supernatural horror has found new life. This is not a new thing either, the ’00s were the era of “torture porn” (as detractors called them) with the late ’90s seeing the revival of the slasher genre, after the ’80s trend had previously perished. Going back even further though are the Universal Classic Monster Movies, whose success was consistent despite annual release dates and (sometimes) incredibly similar movies.

The Universal Monsters became so popular that even after their respective franchises ended they were cornerstones of mainstream pop culture. Universal is even planning on bringing them all back in a shared universe starting with The Mummy next summer. We’re dialing it back though and have watched all of the original films* and have a complete ranking of the 31 features.

(*How did we decide what is and isn’t a Universal Classic Monster movie? Well, if it was included in the “complete collection,” it counted. If you’d like to buy your own collection, you can get that by clicking here.)