Has David O. Russell Ever Played Uncharted ?


We think director David O. Russell has made some great movies. Look at Oscar-nominated The Fighter for instance. But we’re also huge fans of the “Uncharted” game franchise and Russell’s continuous comments about the “family dynamic” in the games has us worried. Mr. Russell, the game is about Nathan Drake (who looks nothing like Mark Wahlberg), who is helped on his adventures by close friend Victor “Sully” Sullivan and sometimes by a reporter named Elena Fisher. Seeing some of these quotes at IGN from Russell makes us think he has never played the game himself though he is attached to direct Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

I think if we take that family dynamic that we have in The Fighter, and put that in terms of a grander stage, with a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities. If you’re the head of a museum, or head of state, you’ve got to deal with them, and they’re badass.

They’re like the Sopranos in some ways, but they have great taste, and they have a sense of justice.

I would love to do that with Mark [Wahlberg], Robert De Niro, and a couple of hot women, it could be very thrilling.

So basically, this is an idea you had for a movie that you will just put the name “Uncharted” on?

IGN: Of all the video game movies, why was Uncharted the one for you?

David O. Russell: Because it’s centered around a family, and I like the combination of criminals and truth. These guys they’re tough but they’re working on this crazy case, and they can’t do it without truth. I think that’s cool.

In the interview he claims his “kid loves playing it, I love playing it. I just want to create a world that takes it to another level, that’s another amazing world that’s more cinematic.”

Mr. Russell, we can’t think of a lot of games that are more cinematic than Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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