Exclusive CS Video: Country Strong


Following a limited release in Los Angeles and Nashville over the past week, Country Strong takes center stage in theaters across the nation this Friday.

Written and directed by Shana Feste (her follow-up to her directorial debut, 2009’s The Greatest), Country Strong stars Gwyneth Paltrow as Kelly Canter, a country superstar whose fame is in rapid decline. In rehab for drug and alcohol abuse but suffering from a less tangible depression, Canter is caught between her husband/manager (Tim McGraw), a young-but-talented singer/songwriter (Garrett Hedlund) and a new female talent that threatens to take Canter’s place in the spotlight (Leighton Meester).

ComingSoon.net caught up with Paltrow, McGraw and Meester to talk about acting, singing and finding the heart of the country music scene while filming on-location in Nashville.

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