Exclusive: The Cast of The Fighter


In what has been a long-time passion project for star Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter tells the story of professional boxer “Irish” Micky Ward and his against-all-odds comeback to become world lightweight champion.

As much about the sport of boxing as about Micky’s tumultuous upbringing in Lowell, Massachusetts, the film also stars Christian Bale as Dicky Eklund, half-brother to Micky. Also a former boxer with the nickname “The Pride of Lowell,” Dicky’s tragic addiction to crack cocaine cost him his own career, but his determination and love for his brother helped him train Micky for the fights that made him a boxing legend.

Directed by David O. Russell (his third film with Wahlberg), The Fighter also stars Melissa Leo as Alice Eklund, mother to Micky and Dicky and Amy Adams as Charlene, a bartender who becomes Micky’s girlfriend and inspiration.

ComingSoon.net spoke with Wahlberg, Bale, Leo and Adams about the film, shooting on-location in Lowell and meeting the real people behind each of their characters.

The Fighter opens in a limited release this Friday, December 10th and will go wide on the 17th.

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