Exclusive: The Warrior’s Way Cast


Hitting theaters this Friday, December 3rd, Sngmoo Lee’s The Warrior’s Way is a genre-schizophrenic blend of martial arts, western and fantasy, blending with inspiration running the gamut from Sergio Leone to Kozure Ōkami.

Dong-gun Jang stars as Yang, the greatest warrior in the world who breaks from his orders by refusing to kill an infant member of a rival clan. Taking the child into his own protection, Yang travels across a fantastic landscape, eventually teaming with a knife-throwing cowgirl named Lynne (Kate Bosworth) whose own past ties her to a deadly villain known only as The Colonel (Danny Huston).

Bosworth, Huston and Jang (via translator) spoke with ComingSoon.net about the film and its multitude of influences, which you check out in the video interview below. Be sure to also enter our PlayStation 3 giveaway for the movie here!

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