Exclusive Catfish Video Interview


If you’re lucky enough to have Catfish playing at a theater near you this weekend, wait and check out the video below until after you’ve seen it. The marketing has taken a unique “go in with a clean slate” approach and, rather than being just a gimmick, it really is the best way to experience the film on a number of different levels. This is a work that is about not knowing and, at its heart, about mystery.

If you still need convincing, the following contains as few spoilers as possible, but does offer some insight from the men behind the documentary. In the center is Yaniv “Nev” Schulman, a photographer who, after receiving a painting of one of his photographs in the mail, begins a dialogue with the family that sent it. To his left is Nev’s brother, Ariel Schulman who, along with their friend, Henry Joost, directed (and appear in) the documentary, following Nev’s online interaction and eventual face-to-face encounter.

Catfish opens this Friday, September 17th in select theaters. You can request a showing at a theater near you at the film’s official site