Toy Fair Goes to the Movies!


As in years past, was at the Javits Convention Center in New York for the annual 2010 Toy Fair, looking for toys related to some of the movies coming out in the next year.

As we do every year, we started our quest at the booth for NECA, the ultra-cool company who does many movie-related action figures, memorabilia and film replicas. Having been the main purveyor of items related to Zack Snyder’s 300 and Watchmen, it made sense they were teaming with Warner Bros. again for their release of Louis Letterier’s Clash of the Titans. At this point, they only had one action figure for Sam Worthington’s Perseus, which you can see in our Clash of the Titans Gallery along with the prototype statue that was created for it. We were told by Director of Product Development Randy Falk that there would probably be some other figures in the series, possibly of Liam Neeson’s Zeus and/or Ralph Fiennes’ Hades sometime either before Comic-Con or the movie’s DVD release. (The Medusa bobblehead is courtesy of Funko as are the other bobbleheads in our gallery.)

For Iron Man 2, there were bobbleheads of Iron Man, War Machine and Whiplash from Funko, Minimates and action figures from Marvel Direct, and some cool statues from Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya, all of which you can view in our Iron Man 2 Gallery.

NECA has also teamed with Warner Bros. to produce action figures for the DC Comics Western Jonah Hex, and they were displaying prototype models of Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex, an incredibly hot Megan Fox action figure and one of John Malkovich’s Quentin Turnbull. They also have replicas of Turnbull’s elaborate cane and another of Hex’s trademark tomahawk. Meanwhile, DC Direct was offering mini-busts of Hex and Fox’s Leila, as well as a larger statue of Jonah Hex. You can view all of those in our Jonah Hex Gallery.

For whatever reason, we’ve missed Mezco Toyz in past years, but we met the awfully nice Mike Drake, who showed us some of what they had planned to coincide with Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, including awesome figures of the main character and the fierce Hit-Girl. They also had some preliminary figures and prototypes for Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet out in December, including this impressive look at Rogen as The Green Hornet.

Todd McFarlane snagged the license for Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions’ Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and besides a number of figures of Jake as Prince Dastan they also have created a very cool replica of the actual Dagger of Time, complete with moving sand, and a recreation of the Alamut Gate (a set visited!) which also includes a scale Dastan figure. You can see all of those here.

NECA was lucky enough to score the lucrative licenses for “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” but they decided not to display any of the new figures that will coincide with this summer’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, because they were still keeping New Moon stuff available with the upcoming release of the DVD. Since the action figures had been out for months, we decided to share some of the more interesting objects–lunchboxes, purses and the like–in our Twilight: New Moon Gallery.

They also didn’t have anything on display from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 or 2) just yet, but instead had a few oddities and replicas, including one of the Sorting Hat from the first movie, all of which you can see in our Harry Potter Gallery.

Having released figures for Aliens vs. Predators: Requiem, NECA recently snagged the earlier “Terminator” and “Predators” series, and they were gearing up for their second wave of figures in relation to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, mostly of the T-1000, which you can see in our Terminator Gallery. They also will release action figures based on the upcoming Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, although none of those were on display. You can see NECA’s models for their old-school Predator figures, along with figures and toys related to the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, and other horror franchises like Saw, Halloween and others in our Horror Gallery.

At the Diamond booth, we spotted a couple of statues connected to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland that you can see here.

Not quite movie-related–at least not yet–are the abundance of toys based on popular video games on display from various manufacturers, including NECA Online’s toys based on “BioShock 2,” “Gears of War” and “Dark Matter.” DC Direct had “Mass Effect” figures and some cool ones for “Worlds of Warcraft.” (They also had some new “Dragon Age: Origins” figures that we weren’t allowed to share.) Of course, Square Enix was mainly focusing on toys and statues based on the upcoming “Final Fantasy XIII” but they also had two characters from the recent SEGA game “Bayonetta.” You can check out some of the many video game related toys and action figures in our Video Game Toys Gallery.

We should have some more galleries to share over the course of this week, but if the above isn’t enough for now, you can also you should also check out our previously posted galleries of Hasbro’s new action figures and toys in our Hasbro Gallery and Mattel’s new toys for Pixar’s Toy Story 3 in our Toy Story 3 Gallery.

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