13 Genuinely Scary Movies for Kids


Check out our in-depth list of 13 scary movies for kids, featuring some truly frightening fare like Gremlins, Poltergeist & Something Wicked This Way Comes.

We’ve got thirteen frightening feature films on our list of genuinely scary movies for kids 

It is a horrible irony that kids, who by and large love to be scared, aren’t allowed to see most of the great horror movies. But it’s understandable: it’s one thing to frighten a child with a bedtime story about a big bad wolf, and it’s another thing altogether to show them The Texas Chain Saw Massacre before they’re even in their double-digits. Fortunately, there is a small but inspired subgenre of scary movies for kids. Horror movies that are made for children, and actually are scary, but that don’t cross the line into absolute nightmare territory. That’s a balance that R.L. Stine was able to successfully strike in his many Goosebumps novels, and it’s an approach that Rob Letterman’s movie version of Goosebumps strives to achieve as well. 

But before you see how well Goosebumps pulls that feat off, you can also check out these thirteen scary movies for kids, which are truly frightening, but not so violent that anyone’s parents are going to freak out and shut down the slumber party. These movies, new and old, will freak out young children, but will also entertain the heck out of adults who still have that inner, scaredy-cat child inside of them.

What are your favorite scary movies for kids? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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