Exclusive CS Video: Adam Director Max Mayer


Max Mayer’s debut feature Adam was picked up by Fox Searchlight at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, one of three quirky romance films that won audiences over whenever it played. (The other two were (500) Days of Summer and the upcoming Paper Heart.)

The title character, played by Hugh Dancy, is a young man living with the high-functioning autism know as Asperger Syndrome, but when his father passes away, he finds himself struggling. When he meets his pretty new neighbor Beth (Rose Byrne), a bond is formed, but can the two of them find love and happiness due to Adam’s worsening condition that doesn’t allow him to express emotion? There’s probably as much drama and tears in the movie as there is light-hearted moments, so it’s hard to deem it a “romantic comedy” but it’s completely driven by the relationship between Adam and Beth and the undeniable chemistry between Dancy and Byrne, the former clearly playing against type with the role.

ComingSoon.net recently sat down with Mayer to talk about the film, and you can watch our exclusive video interview below. You can also watch an exclusive clip here!

Adam opens in select theatres on Wednesday, July 29.