Odette Yustman Takes on Rogue’s Gallery

“It’s this independent movie. A small, dry-wit, dark comedy about a group of assassins, they’re all based on Tarot card names,” Yustman told us. “So I’m Temperence, and each of us have different functions and things we have to do.

“We’re hired by the government, we’re this underground society, and we’re basically sent to kill whoever we have to kill. And one day this new hire comes in and we wind up having to kill each other.”

She added that “It’s funny in that way that it’s kind’ve gory, but hilarious in the way the situations come about because I get to work with great comedic actors like Jeffrey Tambor, Zach Galifianakis and Rob Corddry who were unbelievable. And then Ving Rhames and Ellen Barkin, Maggie Q and Emilie de Ravin who’s on ‘Lost.'”

Why did the role appeal to her? “I got to do some fight training and some of my own stunts. That was my dream role. I get to kick ass, be funny, kill people with a paper cutter blade.”

Rogue’s Gallery does not have a release date yet.