Release date:April 8, 2016

Studio:Fox Searchlight Pictures

Director:Jean-Marc Vallee

MPAA Rating:R (for language, some sexual references, drug use and disturbing behavior)


Starring:Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper, Judah Lewis

Genre:Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary:

Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), a successful investment banker, struggles after losing his wife in a tragic car crash. Despite pressure from his father in law Phil (Chris Cooper) to pull it together, Davis continues to unravel. What starts as a complaint letter to a vending machine company turns into a series of letters revealing startling personal admissions. Davis’ letters catch the attention of customer service rep Karen (Naomi Watts) and, amidst emotional and financial burdens of her own, the two form an unlikely connection. With the help of Karen and her son Chris (Judah Lewis), Davis starts to rebuild, beginning with the demolition of the life he once knew.

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