Legendary Kicks Off Comic-Con with Warcraft VR Event



Legendary Entertainment kicked off Comic-Con International 2015 with the announcement of a new VR initiative done in conjunction with Google, and they’ll be giving away 50,000 Google Cardboard viewers at their booth which will allow the fans to experience two new VR experiences–“Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth” and “Beware Crimson Peak”–as well as experience the “Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot” VR experience from a few years back. 

orgrimunveiling1The main focus of the booth was next year’s Warcraft movie directed by Duncan Jones, and he was on hand to unveil the giant statue of Horde leader Orgrim Doomhammer, one of Warcraft‘s main stars of the fantasy epic. The nearby Weta Workshop booth had a life-size statue of King Llane from the Alliance, the other side of the “war” in the title, which will be unveiled later in the Con.

Having done VR experiences for movies like Insurgent and Insidious Chapter 3, I was curious how something that normally would involve a lot of technology would work with a smaller viewer, which literally is the size of a Viewmaster, only made out of cardboard.

Essentially, one would download the newly-launched Legendary VR app for their IOS or Android device, slip it into the Google Cardboard viewer and then you literally can experience VR anywhere. The one for Warcraft allows you to ride on the back of a gryphon, which was pretty cool and as impressive as any of the other VR experiences we’ve done, and then “Beware Crimson Peak” allowed you to follow a butterfly through the front door of Allerdale Hall, the main location for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming horror flick Crimson Peak, and then something happens that we won’t spoil.

(Legendary also unveiled two new special edition Mondo posters for Crimson Peak drawn by Daniel Danger and Guy Davis, which you can check out over on ShockTillYouDrop.com.)

ComingSoon.net had a chance to talk with Jones as well as Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor who were responsible for all of the weapons and armor on set, just as they were for the “Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia” films.


After the unveiling of Orgrim, we joined another journalist for a quick interview with the director to talk about the long journey it’s been getting Warcraft made.


Having spoken to the New Zealand native from various sets including Prince Caspian, we knew that he would be a great guy to talk about the practical weapons being used during the battles in Warcraft, so we were able to pull him to the side for a few questions about Weta’s involvement with the movie. (Unfortunately the Legendary booth didn’t have the best natural lighting for the interview.)

Warcraft is scheduled for release on June 10, 2016, while Crimson Peak is out on October 16 of this year. We’ll have more on both movies as well as Legendary’s Krampus later this week.

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