CS Video: Oscar Isaac & Jessica Chastain on A Most Violent Year


A Most Violent Year

J.C. Chandor’s third film A Most Violent Year may not be getting nearly as much awards buzz as some of the other movies playing in theaters, but its stark look at 1981 New York and how an honest businessman is dragged into the burgeoning growth of criminal activity within his business makes Chandor’s latest one of the more intriguing crime dramas you’re likely to see.

Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis)plays Abel Morales, a Cuban immigrant who has been building his heating oil business with the aid of wife Anna (Jessica Chastain), who is pushing him to change the way he does business when his oil trucks start getting hijacked and stolen by the competition. As Abel tries to close a major business deal, his business is also being investigated for illegal activities, which puts even more pressure on him to put a stop to the truck heists by arming his drivers.

ComingSoon.net had a chance to talk with J.C. Chandor last month, but more recently we had a chance to sit down with actors Oscar Isaac and Golden Globe nominee Jessica Chastain to talk about working with Chandor in creating such a striking film, which is greatly enhanced by their scenes together.

We also tried to find out from Isaac how he was going to pull off the title villain in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, being that in the comics, the mutant villain is absolutely enormous. We wanted to know if they might turn Isaac into Apocalypse using performance capture or some other way, and this is what he told us:

“One of his major powers is being able to change all the molecules in his body, so I’ll be changing all the molecules in my body.”

And he says that he thinks it will be fun to play a straight-up villain.

You can watch the full interviews in the video player below.

A Most Violent Year is now playing in select cities and expands nationwide on Friday, January 30.