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DM-03656 – Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker in TAKEN 3.

There are movies that are obviously made with the potential for franchises, but who knows if French filmmaker Luc Besson had a franchise in mind when  he came up with the idea to cast 55-year-old Oscar-nominated dramatic actor Liam Neeson as special forces agent Bryan Mills, who has to use his special skills to recover his kidnapped teenage daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) in Taken

Five years later, Bryan Mills is back in Taken 3, as is Kim and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen), both of whom Bryan has been reconnecting with after the horrifying events of the previous two movies. (SPOILER WARNING if you haven’t seen the trailer and want to go in not knowing the plot.) When Lenore is found dead, Mills is considered the primary suspect by a relentless detective (Forest Whitaker) who’s convinced Mills is capable of murdering his ex-wife. Before you can say “Hey, didn’t I see that movie when it was called The Fugitive?” Mills is on the run from the police, but at the same time using those special skills to find out who really killed Lenore.

ComingSoon.net first spoke to Neeson and Grace about the original Taken exactly five years ago, at the time, none of us realizing we’d be back in five years talking about a third movie, but for the Taken 3 junket, they were joined by Forest Whitaker and Maggie Grace.  

You can watch highlights of our interviews in the video player below.

Taken 3 opens nationwide on Friday, January 9, with previews starting tonight. You can check out our interview with director Olivier Megaton right here.

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