The 10 Best Liam Neeson Action Films

This Friday, January 9, the Taken trilogy comes to an end as Liam Neeson once again reprises his role as former CIA operative, Bryan Mills. He’s a man with a “specific set of skills” that tend to be lethal for his enemies.

Let’s be honest here. Taken wasn’t a story that needed three movies to tell it. It’s not a trilogy, it’s a highly successful movie that was followed by two sequels. Assuming that Bryan Mills once again makes it out alive, and Neeson is willing to come back, there could always be a Taken 4, 5 and 6.

Why do movie fans keep flocking to the Taken films? It’s because the franchise has transformed Neeson into an action icon. In his long career as an actor, Neeson has been no stranger to action, but now audiences have embraced him as someone that they’re willing to follow from one action movie to another. It doesn’t hurt that Neeson happens to be an extremely gifted performer.

Ahead of Taken 3, has assembled a list of The 10 Best Liam Neeson Action Films. To narrow the field, we’ve kept the selections to movies in which Neeson has one of the primary roles.

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