Pineapple Express Set Visit!


If you don’t know who Seth Rogen is, you should. Not only was he one of the breakout stars in Judd Apatow’s critically-acclaimed “Freaks and Geeks,” but you saw him giving advice to Steve Carell on how to get laid in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and, in one of the most memorable scenes, ripping co-star and friend Paul Rudd about how he knows he’s gay. He next stars in Apatow’s Knocked Up with Rudd and Katherine Heigl.

Rogen just finished his latest film, Columbia Pictures’ Pineapple Express, which reunites him up with former “Freaks and Geeks” pal James Franco. The comedy focuses on drug dealer Saul (Franco) and his buyer Dale (Rogen) who are forced to go on the run after Dale witnesses a murder. In the film, Rogen is a process server and a major pothead. He buys his weed from Franco’s character because he is the only one who has this new pot called “Pineapple Express.” Saul wants to be actual friends with Dale, but Dale isn’t really interested. He just wants to buy his pot.

After hearing the David Gordon Green-directed film was about to wrap, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out on the set the last night of shooting in Downey, California and watch the guys in action.

We walked into the house around 8 p.m. where the scene was about to be shot. Rogen, dressed in a tan suit with a blue shirt, and Franco, sporting long, straggling hair, a T-shirt and red striped Guatemala pants, were chilling out waiting to be called.

Kim Langlie, the film’s publicist, explained the plot a little more and described the scene we were about to watch.

“He [Dale] goes to serve this guy named Ted. He’s sitting in his car taking a couple of hits and a cop car drives behind him. The female cops runs from her car into the house that he’s about to serve. The house is all windows and you can see everything inside. He’s freaking out a little bit thinking he’s busted for smoking pot. Then he watches through the windows and sees this white man and the cop he just saw, who is played by Rosie Perez, shoot this Asian guy in the head.”

Langlie continued: “He’s freaking out. He throws his doobie out the window. He takes off and goes to Saul’s house. He says, ‘Oh my God, I just saw this guy and this cop shoot this Asian guy.’ They’re trying to figure it out because they’re thinking he might be the dealer. The big dealer. There’s two dealers who bring stuff into Los Angeles. Sure enough they hear the car go back and forth so Ted and the cop go downstairs and find the smoking doobie. Ted picks it up and takes a whiff. He goes, ‘Pineapple Express.’ So he knows where he can find the guy who saw the murder.”

Not only does Dale drag Saul into the situation, but Angie, his high school girlfriend, does as well. Two thugs, who Ted sent after the guys, are chasing them and he’s worried they will find her too. The scene takes place at Angie’s house and Dale runs over to warn her that she’s in danger. He has Saul wait outside, but when he sees the thugs have found them, he charges inside and Angie stabs him in the back with a fork not knowing he’s with Dale.

“Pull it out,” Saul yells in agony.

As Dale yanks the fork out he shouts, “He’s my drug dealer. Gross. Apply pressure to the wound. Why did you do that?”

“I’m Saul,” he says as he’s leaning against the kitchen counter for support.

Just as Dale’s pressing a towel on Saul’s shoulder, Angie’s dad busts into the kitchen with a gun shooting at them.

Saul screams “Oh s**t.”

“He’s with me,” Dale says as he grabs Saul, drags him to the ground and hunkers down on the floor trying to keep from getting shot.

Two gunshots go off and the guys are screaming for her dad to stop and are trying quickly to explain what’s going on.

“Put the gun down,” Dale begs.

“You assh**es do exactly as I say or I’ll take you both outside and f**k you in the street,” Angie’s dad threatens as he stands over them with a gun.

“No,” Saul pleads.

“Don’t f**k us anywhere,” Dale says freaking out.

“They’re out there right now. They’re coming in,” Saul says, trying to convince Angie and her family that everyone was in jeopardy.

“Dale shouts, “It’s super real.”

“You’ve got to listen to us now,” Saul whines.

“It’s terribly real,” Dale screams.

Everyone on set could not stop laughing at how comical the scene was and how brilliant Rogen and Franco were at improv. After every take, the cast would run over and watch the scene on the monitors and just crack up.

During one of the takes I asked Rogen if he made up the line “Don’t f**k us anywhere” on the spot and he said “yeah.” I laughed and told him it’s my new favorite line.

But, it wasn’t just Rogen who was great at improvisation. Franco held his own and came up with a few great quotes as well.

The guys were game to try anything in the scene and at one point; Rogen pushed Franco too far down on the counter and accidentally shoved his face in a plate of cupcakes. With frosting on his face, Franco kept going and didn’t think twice about the mishap. interviewed Seth Rogen, James Franco and David Gordon Green on the set. Part 2 is the Seth Rogen interview, which you can read by clicking the link below! Pineapple Express hits theaters in 2008.

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